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The  Paper Academy welcomes a number of courses and events in handmade paper as an artistic means of expression, providing insight into the historical, biological, geographical, chemical, ecological and aesthetic aspects of paper. Both theoretical and practical work is done on simple and more complex variations in the paper manufacturing process. Course participants gain knowledge of handmade paper as a means of expression, as technique, surface and substance.

Following. topics will be highlighted:

History of paper: The paper traditions of the East / West. The paper road from China over Korea to Japan, to the journey to the west and to the United States, where the handmade paper had its renaissance in the 50s. The history of paper as a craft was turned into paper as an art form.

The geography and biology of paper: The vegetation of cultures has an impact on the paper that has and still is been produced. There is a difference between the East’s bast fibers, which are suitable for 3-dimensionality and the West’s paper, made from rags for 2-dimensionality

Paper chemistry: In the invisible inner space of handmade paper, plant fibers are joined in the space of the sheet. How is cellulose released? How do plant fibers turn into bio-based pulp and paper?

The aesthetics of paper: For centuries, paper for communication has been the carrier of our culture despite the fact that it played a secondary role as a humble backdrop for text and image. This is how paper in the Western world was considered right up to the 19th century. Subsequently, the material itself became aesthetically important, becoming an independent part of the artwork or the entire artwork itself.

Paper/ Psychology: The professional maker of a sheet of paper has her own personal stroke. If the maker is in balance within herself, she will create a perfect sheet of paper. If the maker is not in balance within herself, she loses control over her stroke. The act, the stroke and the paper reflect the maker’s contact with her mind and her senses – her inner balance. Making paper has the possibilities of enlarging both psychological and physical knowledge about oneself.

Paper/ Future: Within the paper art and architecture – the future goes hand in hand with technology, 3d printing in cellulose, computational origami, innovative and renewable materials, that all offer opportunities for increased use of paper, and other cause changes in demand for different grades of paper.

The culture of paper: The culture of a country is reflected in handmade paper made in that specific  country. The paper itself tells about a country’s history and development.

Calendar 2024

February 15 – 18: Participation in the exhibition ” On Paper – On Paper”, India Design ID 12th Edition, NSIC Grounds, New Delhi, India

Apr.21. Paper Art Biennale ReBloom/IAPMA, Burg zu Hagen Castle, Germany

April 28: Artist Talk at Ågallery,, Frederiksværk Kunstforening at 2 pm. Exhibition until May 18.

June 15 -16: Paper Workshop for beginners: Production of handmade paper from leaf – grass and bast fibres, coloring of pulp and surface treatment. You will gain insight into the history of paper, Eastern and Western traditions and how you can continue working at home.

July 13 – August 11: International exhibition at The Paper Academy: ” Eternal Paper”, curated by Helen Frederick. In connection with the exhibition we will have a symposium with American artists July 13 at 3-5 pm.

August 2.-3.-4: Paper Workshop for trained: Personal guidance in 2 and 3 dimensional use of handmade paper as an artistic means of expression. Analysis of each of the participants composition lines.

Sep. 1.: Papermaking Day for beginners and trained.

Nov.8 – 17: Yoga and Art Retreat in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India – fully booked.

If you would like more information about visit, events and / or workshops at the specified times, price, etc., please contact:

Calendar 2023

Paper Workshops:

June 10 and 11: Production of handmade paper from leaf – and bast fibres, coloring of pulp and surface treatment. You will gain insight into the history of paper, eastern and western traditions and how you can continue working at home.

July 7, 8 and 9: What is it that you would like the paper to be able to do? Individual help.

Sep.1.: Papermaking day: for participants, who have taken workshops at The Paper Academy

Other Activities::

Feb.18 – March 18: Paper – A Cross Cultural Voice, Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, Ahmedabad, India

Feb. 11 – May 28 The Fantastic Paper, Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum, DK

Mar. 12 Artist Talks, Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum, DK

Mar. 24 Group Visit, The Paper Academy

Mar.25: Group Visit, Alliance Francaise, the Paper Academy

Sep. 17: Art Club visit

Sep. 27: Art Club visit

Oct. 1:    Art Club visit

October: Fundacion Valparaiso, Spain, Supported by the Beckett Foundation, Research: Esparto


Booking of group visits is a possibility. Other workshops will be announced currently.

Calendar 2022:

All of 2022: curating the exhibition ” Paper – a cross-cultural voice” opening at Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad, DK, Oct. 1. 2022 – Jan. 8. 2023 with 13 international artists. Travelling to KL Museum, Ahmedabad, India, opening Feb.18, 2023

Jan.: Paper tour with Sue Gosin, Dieu Donne Paper, visiting old paper friends along the West Coast, USA

Feb.: Lecture for the Danish Women Adventurer’s Club on my life and art with paper, accepted in the club in May

May: At the Moli Paperer, Capellades, Spain

Meetings with CEO and designer from the group Paper Paste Living

Tours at The Paper Academy:

May 21: Friends of Munkeruphus

June 1: Group Visit

June 3: Opening of the Exhibition “Paper Has a Memory ” at Birthe Laursens Art Agency, Gilleleje

July 2: In connection with the exhibition Paper Has a Memory, Anne Vilsbøll will hold an artist talk and tour at The Paper Academy, where she will expand upon her practice and introduce guests to the production techniques of various paper materials. The event will take place on Saturday July 2nd, 2022 from 4:15-6:20 pm at The Paper Academy: Stæremosen 8, 3250 Gilleleje. 100 DKK per participant. To sign up call 40307707 or write to

July 14: Club Danois

Other activities:

Oct. 1: Opening of the exhibition Paper – A Cross-Cultural Voice at Kunstcenter Silkeborg Bad. The aim of the exhibition is to show how handmade paper as an artistic means of expression has developed in an interactive global pattern since its renaissance in USA in the 1960’s

Oct. 5 – 12: Venice Biennale

Oct. 18: Lecture and workshop by the Indian artist Radha Pandey: “Natural colouring of paper”, Kunstcenter Silkeborg Bad

Oct. 19: Tour by Anne Vilsbøll at Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad: Paper – A Cross Cultural Voice and papermaking with water from the Arnakke Source

Oct. 30: Paper Concert by the musician and composer Birgit Løkke at Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad

Nov.: In India to have meetings concerning the exhibition “Paper – A Cross – Cultural Voice”, opening in February 18, 2023 at the Khasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, Ahmedabad


May 28th:                           Cyanotype workshop

June 11th-12th:                  Papermaking for beginners

July 16th and 17th :           Cyanotype workshop

Aug. 6th and 7th:                Papermaking – advanced

Sep. 3rd and 4th:                 Papermaking, sculptural constructions and colouring

If you would like more information about visit, events and / or workshops at the specified times, price, etc., please contact:

Calendar 2021:

May 15 – Cyanotype – beginners –  workshop

June 5.6- Paper Workshop

June 11 – Cyanotype – beginners – workshop

June 12 – Cyanotype  – toning –  workshop

June 13 – Cyanotype – negatives –  workshop

July 1 –  Aug 15 – IAPMA 35th Jubilee Exhibition : Origin & Destination/ International Association of Paper Artists and Hand Papermakers. 46 artists from 20 countries show their work. “Grand Opening” July 3rd, 4-8 pm with concert by Thomas Agergaard, Tobias van der Pals, Randi Pontoppidan and Greg Cohen, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Bodil Petersen Foundation.

The exhibition will be open Thurs. Fri. Sat. from 2-5 pm.

July 3.4 – Cyanotype – workshop

Aug. 7.8 – Paper/ Sound Concert, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Bodil Petersen Foundation,  at 5 pm.

Aug.23 – Nov. 23 – Natalie Dupont from  Industrial Design, The Design School Kolding, is an intern at The Paper Academy, creating lamp designs using bio based handmade paper.

Sep. 25. 26. – Paper Workshop

Nov.20 – Dec. 20: ” Between Light and Darkness”.  Exhibition: a memorial for the Danish painter and graphic artist Steen Lundstrøm, focus on graphic art as well as lamp designs using handmade paper created by the designer Natalie Dupont- The artists Emilie Lundstrøm and Anne Vilsbøll show work in dialogue with Steen Lundstrøm’s graphic art.

At the moment we are preparing the exhibition ” Paper – a cross-cultural voice” opening at The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad Oct. 1. 2022 – Jan.8. 2022, then travelling to KL Museum, Ahmedabad, India, opening Feb. 2022.

More information about visit, events and / or workshops at the specified times, price, etc., please contact:



Apr. 3 – May 17.-   The Paper Academy will be presented with the exhibition “”Papirakademiet” by Emilie Lundstroem and Anne Vilsboell at Kulturhavn, Gilleleje/postponed to August 17th, 2020 due to Covid 19

June 9th  – Zonta International – evening event with lecture

June 13 – 14 – paper workshop/booked

June 16 – paper event for 25 people

August 4 -introduction for a smaller group/booked

Sep. 7 – Nov. 7: intern from Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

Sep. 12 – 13  paper workshop / booked

Sep. 20 – visit by the group X-Art

Sep. 26 – 27 – paper workshop

Oct. 10-11-12 – one day workshops Cyanotype by Emilie Lundstroem

Oct. 19 – event for Rotary Gribskov

Nov.1 – 30 – Day of the Dead – celebration of life. Exhibition: Emilie Lundstrøm, Azul Ehrenberg and Anne Vilsbøll, installation, sculpture, painting and video.

Nov.12 – Birthe Laursen Art Agency, group visit

Dec.6th – 31. Treshold – from Fibre to Paper, Christmas exhibition, visits after appointment

Workshops and Events 2021 will be annnounced primo January 2021




Lecturer: Anne Vilsbøll and / or invited colleagues from abroad.

If you would like more information about visit, events and / or workshops at the specified times, price, etc., please contact:

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